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Vacuum Pumps
Our range of Vacuum Pumps can be obtained with single stage and double stage based design options. Driven by electricity, these pumping systems are reckoned for their excellent deflation speed and compact shape. These low noise pumps are preferred for their Eco friendly operation and simple installation method.
Root Blower
Our range of high performance Root Blower is used as a high pressure air blower. Installed in vertical position, it uses high temperature proof insulated motor. Its deep grove ball bearing minimizes its noise level. Lobe curve of this blower is meant for avoiding leakage.
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
Equipped with PTFE seal, these Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are preferred for their leakage proof design and required safety features. These use energy efficient electric motor that generates low noise. Simple to install, these space saving pumps have long service life.
Water Ring Vacuum Pump
Water Ring Vacuum Pump are acknowledged for their wide suction pressure range. Featured with titanium or stainless steel or carbon steel made housing part, these pumps are energy efficient and these adopt various flushing methodologies. Standard grade bearings have been used to design these pumps.
Chemical Process Pump
Chemical Process Pumps are used in sugar, paper & pulp industry and food industry. This is applicable for sea water desalination plants, petrochemicals industry, absorption plants and power stations.
Cooled Blowers
In Cooled Blowers, the main casing and side plates have water jackets around them, through which water is circulated, which dissipates the heat generated and keeps the internals cool.
Water Vacuum Pumps

Water Vacuum Pumps provide greater performance by achieving higher vacuum while using less water. They are suitable for a variety of process applications. Low power consumption and water usage are there, hence saving energy. Mechanical seals, corrosion-resistant coatings, backup pumps for mechanical boosters are provided in these pumps.

Vacuum System

Vacuum System creates a vacuum in the tank, and the oil flows directly from the skimmer or the source of the oil to the tank via a hose or pipe. It is less expensive than purchasing portables over time. There are no allergen-inducing recirculated dust particles.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
The Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is a kind of versatile device utilized to create vacuum conditions in varied industries, from food packaging to semiconductor manufacturing. Its efficient rotary design guarnatees reliable performance, offering consistent vacuum levels. Widely acclaimed for its low maintenance and durability, it has usages in laboratories, HVAC systems, and industrial processes.
Filter Pumps
Filter pumps are vital for keeping up clean water in aquariums and pools. They efficiently remove contaminants and debris, guaranteeing water clarity and hygiene. These pumps are crucial for water circulation, filtration, and oxygenation, supporting aquatic life and enhancing user experience. Their reliable performance makes them indispensable for a number of residential and commercial applications.